Telecoms made simple



At the centre of every successful business is a platform that makes it effortless for your customers to call you and for you to call them, from where ever you might be...


adooa are the Sales Masters Guild's chosen telecoms provider, because their platform is simple to use, quick to set up, robust (always on) and they have a best in industry support team when we want to add additional features or more lines.


The team at Adooa really can help you to grow and flourish by giving you a way to communicate with your customers that is beyond anything a standard telephone line can offer or do.


We believe adooa is thee communication company for small businesses to turn too when they want to scale-up their operations..


They can help you in 3 core practical ways:

  1. Receive calls from multiple phone numbers using any device from anywhere and 'record' the conversation for compliance, training, or dispute resolution
  2. Take credit card payment over the phone, chat or SMS (legally)
  3. Monitor the quality of phone calls automatically (using AI software) to fine tune your team's skill levels


The team at adooa can give you a new phone number for your business from as little as £9.99/pm+vat with free setup!!


Want to find out more? call the guys at adooa today : 01727 648888