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Business owners-

now's the time to think and see your business from a completely fresh point of view

You’re in business. So am I. I’ve spent my working life as a banker, an entrepreneur, a business broker and a published business author.

I’m not saying I have all the answers – but I know the right questions, and frankly, there’s no better place to start.


Over 600 businesses valued

So, my background is business, and my passion is helping business owners - helping them to think and see their business from a completely fresh point of view. As for my ambition, that’s simple. It’s to help as many business owners as possible to make the most of their business when it’s time to exit. This admirable goal can only be achieved … by planning – ideally, not months, but years in advance.


Over the eight years, I’ve valued more than 600 businesses and sold way over 100.


My most valuable career experience was making the challenging transition from corporate life to the world of entrepreneurship. There’s nothing like the harsh coalface of small business ownership for sharpening the mind. My role was to support numerous types of business in a non-executive or executive capacity - Including


  • The motor trade
  • Property
  • Quarrying
  • Importing
  • House building
  • Finance broking
  • Online sales
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment






A published author -

'Making Plans for Business Exit'


I’ve worked alongside many fantastic people and, with them, have achieved some notable successes. This has often involved re-engineering businesses and steering them towards greater profitability through more focused marketing.


I’ve written and published a book on business exit strategy – ‘Making Plans for Business Exit’ (available on Amazon). The book guides business owners through the process of maximising sale value in a simple and straightforward way.


I’ve also developed a unique system based on my practical experience. This not only helps me to place a value on a business but also indicates how “sellable” it might be. Countless business owners have benefited from the system.


They’ve learned how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses and to build real value prior to sale.







Making businesses sellable with the Sales Masters Guild

One of the business decisions that has worked out well for me on many levels was investing in an EM&F franchise - one of the most respected names in the business sales market. For them (as with the Sales Masters Guild), business ethics are a non-negotiable priority. These values matching my own perfectly.


My aim with the Sales Masters Guild is to help business owners to develop their business so that it’s sellable.


One of the great benefits of owning a sellable business is that you might decide not to sell it – which is fine. A sellable business will work, on a day to day basis, just as well with you as without you.


A never-ending treadmill
If you’re self-employed or a small business owner, you’ll know the feeling - working endless hours with little work-life balance. The business is, in effect, ‘you’. It’s difficult to see yourself ever moving on. I usually start by breaking down your business into its main value elements and then showing you how to improve each of the elements so that


  • Your business thrives
  • You make more money
  • You feel less pressure and work shorter hours and finally
  • Your business becomes more sellable








Mentoring you to sale...


As a mentor with Sales Masters Guild, I use my background, experience and business skills to make the most of the peer group structure offered by the Sales Masters Guild.


My strengths lie in my ability to

  • employ an analytical approach to problem-solving
  • think commercially and to understand value
  • be empathetic and compassionate. I derive real pleasure from helping people enjoy business success. 


Isn’t it time to find out about the hidden value in your business? Let’s talk about unlocking that hidden value.


Get in touch today about –

  • valuing your business in preparation for sale
  • 1-2-1 mentoring to make your business more ‘sellable’

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