Working with Hospitality business owners to Turn Their Business Around

Matthew works with hopitality business owners who are eager to turn their business around and massively increase their sales revenues and personal income.


Cutting to the point, Matthew will ask you:


What path are you on?

  • Do you feel like you are a slave to your business, struggling with the pressures of running it on a daily basis?
  • Is your business running you, rather than you running your business?
  • Would you like to stop feeling overwhelmed and start working on a clear strategy to massively increase your personal income and attain your ideal work/life balance?






Accelerating the Growth of Your Business


Matthew’s life has always been centred in and around the world of hospitality. Working in his family’s restaurant businesses in South Africa from a young age meant learning every element of the trade and industry.


In his early teens to early twenties Matthew went from making sandwiches to running the till, serving customers, helping with month-end and financial monitoring, holding positions of management to both run the stores and training the staff to give exemplary customer service to increase total net profits. 


While his practical experience in “entrepreneurial thinking and business” began by working in his family’s restaurant businesses, Matthew also has over 8-years’ experience as a Corporate Management Consultant.


This has afforded Matthew a unique and astute attention to detail when working with hospitality business owners to turn their business around and accelerate their sales revenues.










The new hospitality age


The 2020's mark a substantial change in the way in which customers want to enjoy their free time with friends and family.


With such a massive change on the high street from retail to hospitality customers are not only spoilt for 'choice' they demand first class service and this means that we must create an atmosphere in which customers want to choose us to return too time after time.


This is why it is absolutely crucial that we create a team culture that is 100% focused on the customer experiance, it is the difference that makes all the difference.


If you are to build a business that is a serious revenue generator, it's time to bring in an outside perspective to keep everyone in your team sharp and on point. 












Why Hospitality businesses fail...


The high street has gone through a quantum shift over the last 10 years due to the devistating impact online retailers have had upon our high street.


in contrast thousands of hospitality businesses have opened in high street across the UK giving customers a wider choice of venues than they've ever experienced before.


Unfortunetly 80% of those hospitality businesses fail within 5 years of setting up shop!! which is not only unacceptable, in most cases it's absolutely avoidable.


The 5 reason why hospitality businesse fail

  1. Lack of traffic through the door & money in the till
  2. Poor customer experience resulting in a bad reputation on social media causing poor returning customers
  3. Lack of regular team training to create a branded culture that customers want to return to enjoy
  4. Poor financial reporting to contol expenses and profit
  5. High wastage costs across the kitchen and bar


While these seem obvious from the outside, it can be difficult to see these elements when everyone in the business are so busy on a day to day basis.










Working with Matthew


The best and fastest way to turn your business around and accelerate from where you are today to where you want to be, is to bring in someone who has been where you want to go...


Matthew offers a number of ways that you can work directly with him.


1-2-1 Virtual Coffee to get to know each other and learn about you, your business and identify areas that once worked on will make your business more robust and income positive





1-2-1 Business deep dive 

(2-3 hour session)


Reviewing your business plan, identifying and discussing the key business areas to focus and work on with a 5-point key action plan to kickstart and accelerate your business revenues.




Bespoke Mentored Business Accelerator program

A completely bespoke to your needs  mentored training program in which you and Matthew systematcally turn your business around and take it to the next level to drive and accelerate profits from your business.








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