Training home improvement sales people how to close more business...

David has truly earned the right to be called one of the greatest first-time closers in the home improvement business.


After initially developing his sales skills with the world's largest retailer of vehicles to US military personnel, David moved to the US and quickly began making a name for himself as one of the highest earning salesmen in the US home improvement sector.


Is your sales team generating the results you want?


Chances are they are OK! but ok doesn't grow a business at the speed the CEO wants it to, which is why there is always a gap between what you want your sales team to achieve and what they actually produce...


This is where David can add massive value in teaching your sales team how to


  • Close more deals
  • Rapidly increase sales revenues
  • Reduce marketing deal cost
  • Reduce attrition and long term hire costs









Accelerating the Growth of Your Business


If you're the CEO or owner of a home improvement business and you're mission is to take your business to a whole new level. it's time to bring someone who can see you business and sales team with fresh eyes...


Dave brings with him an injection of energy and focus that few people in the sales arena possess, he has a genuine passion for 'doing deals'.


It starts with developing a  'winning' mindset across all of your team and teaching them how to raise their communication skills to a whole new level.


Very few people outside of the sales arena understand that the art of sales is in never appearing to sales'y, it's simply a conversation between two people at the end of which one buys from the other.


This said the art of negotiation is a learned skill and one that can only be learned in one of 2 ways


  1. The school of hard knocks (The expensive way)
  2. From someone who has a proven track record for actually making record breaking sales. 








The Course Content

During Dave's interactive workshop style training seminar, he’ll teach your team:


  • How to elegantly structure the sales conversation
  • How to find out exactly what a customer REALLY WANTS
  • How to effortlessly frame the value proposition
  • How to make buying from them a wonderful experience
  • How to win more business at a higher profit margin


The perfect solution for companies who want to 'rapidly' increase their sales teams closing ratio, sales revenues and bottom line profit!!

As a bonus all delegates receive access to the online sales training video tutorials for ongoing personal development.

Contact Dave Bernard direct on - 904 910 0336