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Your Unique Selling Proposition

Most people have heard of the concept of having a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) but few people understand what a USP really is and why it is absolutely crucial to your success.

A USP is really the 'Why' factor when a customer chooses one supplier over another; if you think about it, it's the reason that you live where you do, drive the vehicle that you do and do business with the people that you do. As part of an exercise in helping you to think in a slightly different way, ponder for a moment:-


  • Why specifically did you choose to live in the 'area' that you do?
  • Why did you specifically choose the 'type' of car that you drive?
  • Why do you buy from the people you source services from?

Your USP is what differentiates you from all of your competitors, it is WHY they will be compelled to seek you out regardless of what the competition are offering and in many cases WHY your customers will be prepared to pay a little more so that you never have to compete on price.

If you would like help to really define and lock down your USP, we would welcome you to join us on the next "Business Breakthrough Day" where you are will walk away with not only a solid strategy for defining your personal USP, you will also take away the foundations for creating a compelling brand that you can roll into your marketing strategies to make your telephone ring and your e-mail ping.

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