Sales Masters Guild FAQ

Q. Who are the Sales Masters Guild?

A. We are an independent association of UK Business Mentors and Sales Trainers.


Q. What is the Sales Masters Guild’s main objective?

A. Our fundamental objective is to help small businesses to grow and achieve their objectives by increasing their sales and income.


Q. Why should I join the Sales Masters Guild and what’s in it for me?

A. Here’s just a few reasons to join now:

• Meet, connect and network with other small business owners at 24/7 networking events, Best Business Expo events and on the Linked-in group discussions;

• Increase your business acumen and knowledge of Sales techniques and strategies through the Sales Masters Guild online tutorials and workshop style courses;

• Access to all of the latest information on small business training grants and business funding schemes;

• The Sales Masters Guild offers a sense of community, involvement and a support channel that is available to you at all times;

• A tremendous resource for working with like-minded business people all focused on building long term successful businesses.


Q. Do I need to work in a specific industry to join the SMG?

A. No not at all, Sales training and Business Mentoring is beneficial to all industries and we welcome and support all members into the Guild.


Q. What will Membership do for my company?

A. The Guilds reputation is being built on professionalism and the quality of its members and their ability to truly gain the results that they seek. Membership of the Guild demonstrates to the business community that you are a business person who is prepared to invest in your future through ongoing development of your business skills: a do’er not a talker…


Q. How much will membership cost?

A. Just £100.00 per month with no minimum term; however, we highly recommend that you only join the Guild if you are prepared to invest your time and energy in learning the skills you need to succeed, as only those who take action and use the strategies and techniques contained in the tutorials, webinars, workshops and courses will achieve the success they seek.


Q. How do I join the Sales Masters Guild?

A. Simply click here or on the ‘Join the Guild’ Link above.


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