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The Introducer's Reward Program?


We are building the pathway to the age of the entrepreneur, to guide and help business owners to succeed in building businesses that work.


The best and by far the quickest way to do this is through referral marketing accelerated by sharing the wealth i.e. paying our subscribing members  for introduction that result in new members to the Project Blueprint program.


How does it work?
We 'pay' our members a 10% commission for every person that joins the Sales Masters Guild Project 'Blueprint' mentoring program following their introduction.


Could this make my Training & Mentoring FREE?
YES! there is no limit to the number of people that you can share your experiance of the Project Blueprint program with, if it works for you why would you not share the program with your contacts and help them to grow too...


After just 9 people have joined as a result of your passion to help other people succeed in their business, you will receive a passive income each and every month for as long as you and they are monthly members of Project Blueprint... 


So how much can I earn as an active introducer of Project Blueprint?
There is no limit to your income potential with the Sales Masters Guild.



As the old saying goes, "What goes around comes around".  By deciding to share your experience about how the Project Blueprint monthly mentoring program has helped your business to grow prosperously, you will not only be helping your business friends and the Sales Masters Guild to grow, you will also be rewarded with an ongoing passive monthly income...


Just like in business your return will be in direct proportion to how much you focus on getting the result you want....