The Entrepreneur Formula

 'How to build a high-income business' 


YOU really 'CAN' double your income within the next 180 days


It's not hard and it's not Vudu, but it does require that you make the decision to learn the strategies that result in a more profitable outcome, including taking ACTION everyday to apply the strategies that you have learned, into your business in order to get the results you want today...


Your destiny is in your hands, in 'deciding' that it's now time to stop what you've been doing and 'start investing in you' and your future... You have made a giant leap forward towards achieving your true potential in your business life, and for this we sincerely applaud you for committing to learning everything you need to know, to create the life that you want today.



This course includes over 50 key elements:-


7 individual step by step Modules containing 


  • 5 tutorial workbooks
  • 15 Video tutorials spanning over 3.5 hours
  • 30 PDF tutorial articles


Module 1 - The Mind Behind Success

16 elements

Module 2 - Creating a results-driven game plan

14 elements

Module 3 - Creating a killer proposition

6 elements

Module 4 - Branding your offer

2 elements

Module 5 - Target marketing that works

7 elements

Module 6 - Sales strategies that create income

4 elements

Module 7 - The Entrepreneur

3 elements


New content in the form of additional subject specific videos and articles are being added on a regular basis to give you even greater value and to make this course positively the best it can be, in helping you to build your High-income business...

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How to build a 'high income' business that creates WEALTH

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