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Do you want To fast track
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Client attraction workshop


How to get more clients as an

‘Expertese’ business owner


During this training workshop, we'll explain 'WHY'

so many expertise business owners are struggling to

attract clients, HOW to make more sales & create a decent income.


We’ll share with you ‘How’ the

HIGH-INCOME experts are attracting clients


In 2017 only the most astute business experts are earning their true potential;

They are doing this by constantly fine tuning their marketing & sales strategies to leap ahead of their competitors using


Strategies that 10 x their positioning & personal income




Presented by Sales & Marketing experts John Kettley and David Marshall


We’ll present solutions to the big questions


  1. Where are the real opportunities are in 2017
  2. The biggest challenges facing the expert community today
  3. Why it’s more important than ever to be ‘famous’ in your niche
  4. Exactly how to become the 'go-to' person for what you do
  5. How to create a ‘Value Proposition’ that attracts hungry buyers
  6. How to create a marketing strategy that actually creates enquiries
  7. How to convert 7 out of 10 of your conversations into business
  8. Exactly how to create £100,000 pa personal income


It's an unfortunate fact that most 'expertese' business owners never achieve the level of income they want from their business, primarily this is because they have simply never 'studied' how to package their offering to attract potential clients to them, which is why we are delivering this workshop specifically for those who are selling their expertise.


Join us to discuss your client acquisition challenges and learn the latest strategiesbest for building a high-income expertise business.



It's time to commit to learning new ways to succeed




  Date & Location / Course Investment Purchase
Client Attraction Workshop
27 October, 2017
9.30 - 16.30 Novotel Stevenage
£ 250.00