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How to solve Challenges quickly

Written 08-April-2015



In business just as in life we inevitably face challenges on a daily basis, these generally fall in to one of two camps i.e. they are things that we must take care of right away for our own purposes or they are things that we must do for other peoples purposes, either way they are distractions that often stop us from pursuing the path that we want to tread.


If you are to achieve our true potential in business, you must develop the ability to deal with your challenges in the quickest and most efficient way or you risk having a business life that is frustrating and stressful or worse still you will develop a procrastination habit that will stop you achieving your goal of creating a high income business.


So what's the best way to deal with a challenge as it arises and how do we overcome the challenge in the fastest possible time?


The first thing that you must do is ask yourself a series of quality questions


  1. Is this 'really' my challenge/problem or is it someone else's that they want me to help them with? 
  2. If this is someone else's challenge, where does this rank in my list of priorities?
  3. If this is 'my' challenge, where does this rank on my list of priorities 
  4. Can I delegate this to someone else to deal with so that I can get on with what I do best.

If you are to seriously achieve your goal of building a high income business, you absolutely must ask yourself this series of questions before you waste any energy stressing or tackling the challenge that is now in front of you.


Think about it this way, would Richard Branson deal with this himself 'if' he could delegate it to someone else?


Ok, let's say at this point that you've decided that you cannot delegate the issue and it's now your job to sort it out. You now have a decision to make based on 'where' in your list of priorities this issue 'really ranks', if its right up there at #1, stop everything and do it right this minute, if on the other hand it's further down your list of priorities, simply schedule a time in your diary so that you can completely focus on dealing with it then and if necessary drafting any help you might need so that can solve it and move on..


The strategy for solving the challenge or problem

What not to do - Focusing on negatives only results in a 'brain lock' where the challenge become overwhelming, this is not only a complete waste of your very valuable time it will stop you from being inventive in creating a range of possible 'positive' outcomes (there is always a positive to be gained in every challenge)


Step 1 - Put your 'entrepreneur' hat and create a mind map

  1. Get out a blank piece of A4 paper, then position that piece of paper in front of you in Landscape (not portrait) 
  2. In the middle of the paper write down the core challenge in as few words as possible and then draw a circle around it.
  3. Draw a line out to another circle in which you will write in 'as few words as possible' your first potential solution to the challenge.
  4. Draw a line out to a second circle and again in 'as few words as possible' write down a second potential solution, repeating this process until you have run out of ideas as to how to solve and delete the challenge.


Note - At this point only focus on positive aspects as this will result in brainstorming a positive outcome, resist to work out the detail of HOW at this point as it will stop your creative mind from exploring all potential avenues to dissolve the challenge and profit from a possible solution.


Only when you have at least 3 possible solutions to the challenge will you then move onto the next step.


Step 2 - Look at all of the possible solutions and see which of these is the quickest, most efficient and profitable way to solve the challenge. You may even decide at this point to fuse 2 or more of your potential solutions into one strategy.


Step 3 - Now that you have chosen an overall strategy that will result in a positive outcome, simply write down the steps that you will take to from where you are now to where you want to be.


Remember that highly successful people, have highly effective strategies for stopping distractions so that they can make full use of their time for profitable gain.


By adopting the strategies above you may quickly realise that many of the challenges that have been landing on you are actually either not your challenge or they are not really a challenge at all...


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